After 32 years of silence, the LA underdogs have taken the victory! To say the least, Game 6 made for an electric win for the Dodgers. A major upset for the Tampa Bay Rays, the victory marks a major note of history in the LA Dodgers’ book.

Love it or hate it, the Los Angeles Dodgers have come out on top.  After their performance in Game 6, the Dodgers are now the 2020 World Series Champions!!  While Gianmarco Castronovo isn’t exactly a Dodgers fan himself, he has to hand it to the boys.  They’ve played their hearts out and given MLB fans a contagiously cathartic lineup of entertainment across the past six games of the World Series.

Game 6 was jam packed with replay worthy highlights.  Mookie Betts even delivered two runs, which largely aided in the Dodgers’ overall victory in the game.  Finishing things off with an icy three strikes, the excitement that followed suit just about made the stadium explode!  Congrats to the LA Dodgers on their World Series win!!