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16 Jul 2024

Gianmarco Castronovo Sports Blogger

Gianmarco Castronovo Sports Writer & Blogger

Gianmarco Castronovo is a Sports Blogger whose work focuses on baseball. Dedicated to providing his readers with a unique angle, Castronovo’s articles cover more than just the basics of last week’s Yankees game!

Holden’s Sports Talk

Gianmarco Castronovo Sports Blog MLB

Holden’s Sports Talk is more than just your average sports blog.  A collaborative effort between Gianmarco Castronovo and Holden Schreiber, the news source proudly presents itself as a sports blog written for sports fans by sports fans.  Serving up something beyond the surface, both Gianmarco and Holden’s contributions to the blog offer insight intertwined with updates.  Since joining the project as a Sports Blogger in 2020, Castronovo acts as a Lead Contributor and Editor.  His work largely revolves around baseball, but his insight focuses on more than just the most recent ball game.

Calling on his naturally analytical perspective, Gianmarco Castronovo often contributes pieces to Holden’s Sports Talk that spark a conversation with his audience.  Some of his pieces, like “MLB is Dying Very Slowly, Unless Something Changes” and “Rob Manfred Said WHAT?!” are prime examples of this approach.  Castronovo prides himself on his ability to weave thought provoking subjects into his timely and relevant baseball stories.

Baseball Enthusiast

When Holden Schreiber pitched the idea of a sports blog to Gianmarco Castronovo, he jumped at the opportunity.  A lifelong fan of baseball, Castronovo has always maintained a deep appreciation for the sport.  Fully immersed in the culture, baseball is about more than just a game to this fan.  That’s why his contributions to Holden’s Sports Talk adopt a perspective-driven tone that tells a bit more of the story than what’s at face value.

Gianmarco Castronovo truly enjoys all things baseball.  A full-fledged fan of the sport, his love of the game hits far beyond the ballpark.  Every season, Castronovo enjoys visiting his favorite major league stadiums for games.  Of course, as a huge Yankees fan, his favorite stadium to watch a ballgame is Yankee Stadium!  In addition to keeping up with the season each year, Castronovo also enjoys collecting baseball cards and visiting baseball-focused museums.  He’s visited the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, Ty Cobb Museum and the Louisville Slugger Museum, to name a few.  Connecting with the history and culture of the sport makes Castronovo’s fanaticism feel that much more worthwhile.  In his future Sports Blogging efforts, he hopes to share that connection to the sport with his fellow baseball fans.

2021 World Series Showcase

With his own fan-centric flare, Gianmarco Castronovo followed the 2021 World Series with a blog series. Spread across his personal website and his Medium blog, Castronovo shared his thoughts on key moments of the Series — and even decided to moonlight as an Atlanta Braves fan as he cheered on the underdogs!