The Kerrville Folk Festival is almost here! Music Blogger Gianmarco Castronovo features the exciting Texas based music festival where 100 songwriters will perform across 18 days and nights!

At Quiet Valley Ranch in Kerrville, Texas, the traditional Kerrville Folk Festival will take place from May 23rd—June 9th, 2024.  The longest continuously-running music festival in the country, Kerrville Folk Festival is more than just a folk festival.  It’s a symbolic and momentous occasion for music fans of all independent music written and created by the people who perform each track.  Gianmarco Castronovo always feels inspired by the energy at this particular event.  With over 100 songwriters performing their own original music, how can you not feel inspired?!  Kerrville Folk Festival is truly something special!

Headliners of this incredible music festival filled with 18 days of music and fun include: Ray Wylie Hubbard, Sue Foley, Amethyst Kiak, Iris Dement, Ruthie Foster, John Fullbright, Josh Grider & Drew Kennedy, Flamy Grant, Mary BRagg, Scott Cook, Vance Gilbert, Kamica King, Susan Werner, John Flynn, Steve Seskin, Miles & Mafale, Aaron Smith, Still on the Hill and… the list goes on and on!  Gianmarco Castronovo can’t wait for this one!