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19 Jun 2024

Tag: Boston Red Sox


2007 World Series Champion, Julio Lugo Dead at 45 

Dominican-born shortstop Julio Lugo has sadly passed away at the age of 45. An accomplished professional baseball player, Lugo played in the MLB for 12 years on 7 teams, including the Houston Astros, Tampa Bay Devil Rays and Los Angeles Dodgers. Sports Writer Gianmarco Castronovo…


The Astros are going to the World Series! 

Defeating the Boston Red Sox by a landslide score of 5 to nothing, the Houston Astros are on their way to the World Series. Gianmarco Castronovo shares the story: The Astros are going to the World Series!  In a major upset for the Sox, Houston…

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Red Sox hire first Black female coach 

It’s a historic move for Major League Baseball — and quite the exciting next step in the career of Bianca Smith! Sports Writer, Gianmarco Castronovo, shares the story: On Monday, the Boston Red Sox made an announcement on Twitter that has officially made history in…