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16 Jul 2024

Tag: Gianmarco Castronovo


Oblivion Access Underground Music and Culture Festival 

Austin Terror Fest is back with a new name: Oblivion Access Festival. This year, the underground music and culture festival will take place across four days at Red River Cultural District in Austin, Texas. An adventure all its own, Music Writer Gianmarco Castronovo can’t wait…


Kerrville Folk Festival in Kerrville, TX 

The Kerrville Folk Festival is almost here! Music Blogger Gianmarco Castronovo features the exciting Texas based music festival where 100 songwriters will perform across 18 days and nights! At Quiet Valley Ranch in Kerrville, Texas, the traditional Kerrville Folk Festival will take place from May…


Targhee Bluegrass Festival in Alta, WY 

The 34th Annual Targhee Bluegrass Festival is almost here! Music and Sports Blogger Gianmarco Castronovo shares the full lineup of what to expect at this year’s Targhee Bluegrass Festival, set to take place August 9—11, 2024: Nothing says ‘summer’ quite like a music festival.  This…


M3F Music Festival 2024 in Phoenix, AZ 

M3F Festival, formerly known as McDowell Mountain Music Festival, is a nonprofit event that donates ALL proceeds to charity. M3F Festival 2024 will take place March 1st and 2nd. Music Blogger Gianmarco Castronovo shares the details:  M3F Festival is a Music Festival like no other. …


What to Do New Year’s Eve in California 

Music Blogger Gianmarco Castronovo can’t wait to dance into the New Year at one of these California based New Year’s Eve concerts and live music events! Here are the Concert Enthusiast’s recommendations for what to do on New Year’s Eve in sunny California:  Fresh Start…


Decadence 2023: The Digital City at Colorado Convention Center 

Who said the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) scene was dead and gone? Certainly not Music Writer Gianmarco Castronovo! Decadence 2023 is bringing a ‘digital city’ experience to life for New Years 2023 at the Colorado Convention Center on December 30-31, 2023. Decadence 2023 is closing…