Yup, you read that right. A midwest family purchased a home in need of renovations in the Boise area. And it wasn’t long before they uncovered a unique feature: a wall covered in baseball cards! Gianmarco Castronono discusses the zany decor choice:

When purchasing a fixer-upper, it’s pretty much a given that renovations will be in order.  At the minimum, you’re looking at repainting the walls, right?  Well, for a family in the Boise area, they’ve uncovered quite the interior decoration: a wall of baseball cards!  Quite the collection, most of these cards date back to the 1980s, featuring the likes of Greg Maddux, Jim Ackers, Dave Revering and plenty more.  After all, there are nearly 1,600 cards included in this collection!  The cards were placed on the wall by a member of the family who previously owned the home, and then covered up by exterior shingles.  So either way, this was a room with an interesting choice of decor, that’s for sure!