Gianmarco Castronovo is in awe over this incredible collection of baseball cards — and you will be, too!

In Minnesota, a priest is auctioning off his baseball card collection. In the true spirit of the church, Father John Ubel will be donating all proceeds to charity.  The full-time priest, part-time baseball card collector, is auctioning off 50 of his cards.  In particular, these cards are the most valuable among his collection, which he has prestigiously maintained since 1970.

Father John Ubel’s baseball card collection features some truly unique and highly coveted cards.  Just to name a few, he has a 1948 Leaf rookie card for the one and only Jackie Robison and a 1954 Topps Henry Aaron rookie card up for grabs in this collection auction.  Collectors won’t want to miss out on this.. Especially since the proceeds will go to a good cause!