Previously, Gianmarco Castronovo discussed the unique NFT approach that Fanatics is bringing to the trading card world. Now, that innovative move forward is about to explode in a major way, thanks to their recent acquisition of Topps.

Topps trading cards are no more.  Well, sort of… In January 2022, Fanatics announced that they have acquired the legendary brand for a whopping $500 million.  With their sights set on trading in the modern world, they’ve already hinted at NFT projects set to debut this year.  With their acquisition of Topps, Fanatics Founder and Executive Chairman Michael Rubin expressed that the brand will expand on NFTs in a major way.  As of right now, Fanatics maintains exclusive rights to produce MLB digital art work, arguably making them the automatic leaders in baseball NFTs, by default.

Gianmarco Castronovo is excited to see where Fanatics will take the beloved Topps brand.  As a lifelong MLB fan and baseball card collector, Castronovo has to admit: he’s a little saddened to read this news.  There’s no ignoring that this marks the end of an era, even if Fanatics maintains pieces of the Topps namesake.  But at the same time, the baseball card collector looks forward to the new and unique things that Fanatics will be able to bring to the baseball card collection world with their focus on NFTs and the metaverse.