Collecting is a source of pride for the passionate baseball enthusiast. In Seattle, one fan named Charles Kapner’s collection details the area’s rich history in the sport. Gianmarco Castronovo dives into this incredible collection:

Charles Kapner’s collection of baseball memorabilia is one for the ages.  The baseball enthusiast states that his fanaticism and passion for the sport crafted its way into a collecting hobby.  He initially found a love for collecting cards when he found himself “enthralled” by an “inspiring” collection on display at his elementary school many years ago.

Refined with relics that include prized Topps baseball cards, commemorative buttons from a long nonexistent stadium and so much more… Charles Kapner has certainly built up quite the incredible collection of memorabilia!  Check out the official feature on Kapner’s work of a lifetime in the most recent edition of the Seattle Times