The Houston Astros have just made Major League Baseball history! Gianmarco Castronovo highlights the plays that will be in the sports history books of the future:

Jack Baer for yahoo! sports has called it a ‘blink and you’ll miss it achievement.’  And baseball blogger Gianmarco Castronovo certainly agrees.  The plays that have just made it into the MLB history books are from Wednesday night’s game.  Both pitchers Luis Garcia and Phil Maton are the players to be praised for this achievement, as it is their throws that will be remembered.  Garcia and Maton both pitched immaculate innings in the same game on June 15, 2022, which saw the Houston Astros face off against the Texas Rangers.  To no surprise, the Astros took the cake in this one, ending the game in a 9-2 win.  The plays will go in the history books as the Astros’ 8th and 9th immaculate innings in the team’s six decade history.