A printing error in 1952 has turned into a unique collector’s item in 2022! Collector Gianmarco Castronovo discusses the miscut baseball card that just sold for a hefty price tag:

Printing errors can lead to expensive mistakes, even in the baseball card industry. But for decades, a misprinted Jackie Robinson card was nothing but worthless, as errors don’t typically help the value of a baseball card. But times have changed and so has the value of this now rare 1952 Topps Jackie Robinson card!

What makes this card so special?  The 1952 Topps Jackie Robinson card that has sold for more than seventy thousand dollars is particularly unique because of the precise error that made it worthless all that time ago.  A miscut, or card in which the image is far from centered, is usually worthless in the card collecting game.  But not this one, because its error actually features a fragment of a Mickey Mantle card.  So this particular card features not one but two legends of the MLB.  Now that’s a costly error that’s certainly worth something!