On a global scale, Spotify is the number one most used music streaming service. It’s certainly the go-to for music blogger Gianmarco Castronovo! And now, Spotify may soon be the leading live music ticket booking service:

This week, Spotify launched a new feature on the live website of the music streaming service.  The feature enables fans to purchase tickets for live shows and events, directly on an artist or group’s profile.  Music listeners can also use the new feature to find live music events near them, wherever they are in the world.  Unlike similar services which merely redirect to partnered ticket sales platforms like Ticketmaster, this new feature allows fans to purchase tickets directly from Spotify.  It is Spotify’s intention that this new service will compete with other booking options.  And with the seamless integration into the already leading music streaming service out there, it already seems like this ticket booking service has a leg up on the competition!