Still toying with your fantasy baseball roster? If you’re into the sports betting side of the game, Charlie Hustle’s predictions could be yours for $89/month. Gianmarco Castronovo, Sports Blogger and Baseball Enthusiast, shares his insight:

That’s right, Cincinnati Reds legend, Pete Rose, AKA Charlie Hustle, is partnering up with UpickTrade.  The Mexican pick-selling website is a hotspot for daily sports predictions.  Rose has joined the website, where he will be offering up his own daily predictions in baseball and other sports.  Is it worth the $89/month commitment?  

Gianmarco Castronovo thinks it’s worth a shot… even though Pete Rose has had his fair share of baseball betting controversies.  He’s been officially banished from direct affiliation with the sport ever since betting on a Reds game in 1989 when he was managing the team.