No, the MLB lockout is not due to the pandemic. Fans like Gianmarco Castronovo are pointing the finger at MLB commissioner Rob Manfred for this one — and for good reason, too. Here is why fans blame Manfred for the MLB lockout:

CBS Sports went as far as to call Rob Manfred flat-out “incompetent.”  Just observe how he has handled the lockout situation and it’s easy to see why that is.  For one, the commissioner was ill-prepared for the entire situation, with little excuse for why that is.  Besides that, he seems to be living in the past with a complete lack of foresight.  For starters, he’s presented young rookies with little room for optimism, as salary rates on their end drop lower and lower, with a bar set almost beneath surface level.  Meanwhile, Manfred continues to rake in a crisp $11 million.. And at this point, fans are asking: for what exactly?  It seems as though the 2022 season will never start, at this rate!

It’s clear that Rob Manfred’s reign as commissioner has slipped deeper and deeper with time.  Just two years back, he referred to the coveted World Series Commissioner’s Trophy as just a “piece of metal.”  Ouch!  This speaks volumes to his lackluster passion, or lack thereof, for the game.  It’s beyond clear at this point that the role of commissioner of the MLB is all about cold, hard cash… his stance of greed and attitude all but prove that directly.