If you’ve ever attended an NBA game, you’ve probably watched David Maas work his magic on the court! No, he wasn’t an athlete, but a performer known for his interesting quick change routine. Gianmarco Castronovo shares the sad news recently released regarding David Maas’s passing.

NBA fans have recently received the somber news that magician and halftime performer, David Maas has sadly passed away at 57 years old.  According to an official statement released by Hoffman Entertainment, Maas succumbed to a battle with COVID-19.

David Maas and his wife, Dania Maas, were known around the world for their quick change performances.  The pair performed on numerous NBA courts across the country, gripping audiences with their theatrical stunts.  This news comes as quite a shock to basketball fans, particularly those who’ve attended games in basketball arenas throughout the US.

Sports fan, Gianmarco Castronovo sends his condolences to the Maas family and their supporters.