Now that’s a title you definitely were not expecting! Gianmarco Castronovo is just as shocked as any sports fan or baseball enthusiast. But in the year of the coronavirus, strange is to be expected! Castronovo features the baseball with a $64,000 price tag that you can buy at Costco right now:

By now, Christmas is closer than just around the corner.  With that being said, it’s never too late to purchase that last minute gift for a loved one on your list.  If that person on your list happens to be a baseball enthusiast: well, you’re in luck!  If you’d like to give the gift of baseball history to your sports fan, you still have the chance — even this close to Christmas!  This gift can be purchased at Costco (of all places).  Now that’s certainly convenient, but what’s the catch?

Costco currently has a baseball for sale that has been hand-signed by none other than the Great Bambino himself: Babe Ruth!  As to be expected, this isn’t exactly the cheapest stocking stuffer option out there.  All that glimmer and shine of MLB royalty comes with a hefty price tag that will cost you a pretty penny in the ballpark of, say, $64,000!

By now, you might have missed out on the Babe Ruth signature baseball at Costco.  But that’s okay.  There are plenty of other special pieces of sports history up for grabs from the big box wholesale retailer.  In Costco’s “Sports Memorabilia” department, you can find nearly 30 items listed for sale currently.  Gianmarco Castronovo has his eye on a Ty Cobb autographed baseball bat from 1949 which is currently listed for a whopping $159,999.99.  But if there’s a baseball fan in your clan who you’ll spare no expense for, this just might catch your eye!  After all, it is an irreplaceable piece of Detroit sports memorabilia and baseball history in general.